Driveway Alarm – Laser Beams Come Home

Driveway alarm is the name given to any simple sensor device used to monitor a certain area. Driveway security is just one aspect of this system which can also be used in various situations to protect your property from intruders. The driveway alarm essentially transmits beams to a receiver which triggers an alert. Not just limited to driveways, the technology can be applied to make any small area secure. The technology going around currently is reminiscent of the super spy flicks that permanently occupy your fantasies. Ultra-sensitive wireless driveway systems that can pick up even the slightest hint of movement and variation in temperature.

Protection of your private areas has never been more important than now. Safeguarding the sanctity of your private property while ensuring you have a peace of mind is no mean task. The greatest advantage of the driveway alarm system is that it can be reprogrammed to suit the needs of any individual. The system can be programmed to even keep out salesmen and other strangers off your property. There are many types of different driveway security systems. The most popular among them are:

Driveway Alarm- Optex alarm system: This is the most common type of the driveways system with versatile applications. The alarm is set off when someone comes in its range.

- Reporter system: This one is similar to the system mentioned above, but with a subtle variation. The reporter system allows the occupants to ascertain the visiting person’s legitimacy without having to come at the door. This is extremely practical and convenient.

- Infra-red driveway security system: This system can not only pick up a movement but also determines possible movement. It can also detect any changes in temperature. However this system is susceptible to animal intrusion alerts which are not so dangerous.

- Magnetic probe sensor: This system includes both a wireless and wired model. This sensor remains hidden from sight and only picks up moving metal. This reduces the chance of stray animals setting off the alarms.

- Microwave sensors: Working on the famous Doppler Effect’s principle, this system emits invisible microwaves to determine any unwanted presence. This system is very robust and almost fail-safe.

The manufacture of the driveway security systems are such that they have a certain resistance to the wear and tear of nature. Although, for obvious reasons, they need to be installed in semi-protected areas, thus reducing the risk of damage and increasing its longevity. The driveway alarm systems are probably the most hassle-free systems available today. They are almost zero maintenance and totally devoid of wires.

Driveway Alarms: Our Selection

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